New Life Church of God was birthed in 1993 under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Edly M. Roper. The initial service took place in the living room of Sister Evette Williams’ home in Brooklyn. Of course, I am pleased and happy to say that she is now Rev. Dr. Evette Williams, a woman who worked and sacrificed much for the work was a great blessing to the young church. We were at her home for several weeks and what a glorious time of spiritual warmth and genuine unity among us, especially as we looked towards greater things by and through the Lord of the harvest.


Later, the Lord blessed us with a larger place at 4014 Church Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. There, God continued to bless us marvelously in every service with His presence so much, the people looked forward with eager anticipation for the next service. Indeed, those were glorious days.


We got to the point where we did not have the space to worship comfortably and conveniently accommodate our worshippers as we desired. As a result, we began to pray more, fasted more, believed God more, sacrificed more and gave more because our plan and our vision was to by His grace to own our own church building. In the process of time, He blessed us with our own at 379-81 Empire Blvd., where we have been faithfully worshipping the Lord these many years.


God marvelously blessed us with many people being added to the body as He alone can in the strictest sense of the Word. The people of God never failed to rise to the challenge whenever a need was presented, financially and otherwise. One of the things that we did during the early days was to challenge the people to make faith pledges to the cause. Some pledged $10,000, $5,000, $2,000 and others with more or a lesser amount. The Lord was mighty with us in what we were doing. These pledges were to be paid back at a reasonable time or whenever required. These efforts worked enormously well because the people had a mind to work as in the days of Nehemiah when they were building the walls. (Nehemiah 4:6)


In 1998, I was stricken with the first stroke followed by another one in 2001. During that period of time the believers remained faithful to God and to the ministry. Despite all these things and much more, God remained faithful to His work because it is not the work of a man; it is the work of the Holy Spirit and it will always be His. It is any wonder that Jesus declared, “that without Him, we can do nothing.” (John 15:5)


My prayer and my determination is that New Life Church of God will always be a church where God is honored and the people love one another as Jesus instructed us to do.


By: Reverend Dr. Edly M. Roper, Founder

© 2018 by New Life Church of God

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