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Welcome to our Church. We are excited that you are thinking about visiting us. 

Every Week-

Sunday Services: 8:30am (Tele-conference) / 11:00am (Tele-conference & Live Stream)

Tuesday: Prayer and Bible Study - 8:00pm  (Tele-conference)

Monday - Friday: Prayer Line - 1:00pm  (Tele-conference)

Wednesday: Fasting and Prayer - 12:00pm (Tele-conference)

Friday: Radical Generation (R-Gen) - 7:00pm: 7yrs. - 14yrs. (Zoom)

Friday: Radical Generation (R-Gen) - 7:30pm:15yrs. & Up (Zoom)

3rd Friday (Monthly) - Ambassadors For Christ (AFC): 8:30pm (Zoom)

Last Friday (Monthly) - Women In Christian Service (WICS):  8:30pm (Tele-conference)

4th Sunday (Monthly) - Nursing Home Ministry: 3:00pm (Tele-conference)

Contact us

Tele-conference # (718) 550-0124

Zoom Link - Email:

Church Website:


379-81 Empire Blvd.

Brooklyn, NY 11225

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